Rwanda Experience Gifts

Introducing the easiest, fastest way to find the ideal gift for anyone and any occasion. Experience gifts from Tinggly, designed to make traveling the world even more fun. These Rwanda travel gifts offer new ways to explore one of Africa’s most beautiful countries and will put a beaming smile on the face of whoever receives them.
If you’re someone that often struggles for ideas when it comes to gifts, your problems are over. These Rwanda gift cards will delight with their possibilities, and all you’re doing is giving someone the gift of choice. It’s always the recipients that decide what to do, where and when. And because there are no expiry dates, our Rwanda experiences can make wonderfully useful travel gifts at any time.
No expiration date
Easy refund
Free exchange
Easy booking
Planet friendly
Global availability

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Rwanda experiences for travelers - it’s not just the gorillas

How to organize a memorable Rwanda experience gift

So you want a gift that’s unique, useful, memorable, exciting, and great value, but one that you don’t need to put a lot of time or thought into? Try telling that to a shop assistant and seeing what they come back with. 

But at Tinggly, it’s just what we do. Our dedicated team scours the Earth to track down the very best experiences in more than 100 countries and counting and brings them all together in one place. Our Rwanda experiences, for example, make travel to one of Africa’s most stunningly beautiful countries inspirational and fun. 

It takes just minutes to organize a Rwanda experience gift with Tinggly:

  1. Start by deciding which of our many online gift cards is the best fit for the occasion or your budget
  2. Pay securely online with just a few quick clicks of your mouse
  3. Add a personal message for the recipient(s), and an address for us to send their Rwanda experience gift to

We can send their Rwanda gift cards to them wherever they are, whether by traditional mail or email if that’s more convenient. Don’t forget you can have it sent to yourself instead if you’d like to hand your gift over in person.

How to redeem a Rwanda experience gift

To use their Rwanda travel gifts, recipients need simply head over to the Tinggly map, where they’ll find comprehensive details of the various Rwanda experiences open to them (as well as 100s more around the world).

Booking is just a matter of getting in touch with the helpful Tinggly team and letting us know what they’d like to do, where and when. We make the reservations on their behalf, while they can anticipate the fun to come.

And remember: our Rwanda gifts have NO expiry dates. There’s no rush to make a decision, and no problem if travel plans, unfortunately, have to change. Peace of mind guaranteed.

Why choose experiences as gifts?

Research shows that experiences tend to be more emotionally rewarding than material items, and the memories can last for a lifetime. You’re not just giving someone a gift, you’re giving them a story they can tell for years to come. Can’t say that about a new golf club, can you?

Eco-friendly Rwanda experiences

We care about the environment, and we know our customers do as well. That’s why we’ve developed the Tinggly Activist program, so that you can be confident when you buy Rwanda experiences for your friends and family, you’re also doing your bit for the planet. 

Every time we sell a Rwanda experience gift we promise to do the following:

  • Offset the CO2 emissions of the average experience in our collection by a huge 200% (we know carbon offsetting isn’t the answer to climate change, but we feel it’s a good place to start)
  • Send all of our gift boxes in packaging made from 100% recycled or recyclable materials