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A unique gift card from Tinggly is a passport to adventure. Surprise and delight your friends and family by letting them choose from 100s of exciting and unique experiences around the world. Whatever the occasion, these gift cards will spice things up.

If you’re new to experience gifts, then you’ll find it a wonderfully convenient and satisfying process. Choose a unique gift box from the Tinggly collection, pay securely online, and the recipient can redeem it against whatever they want to do, whenever and wherever it suits the. Give stories, not stuff.
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Unique experiences that your family and friends will love

The world’s best collection of unique gift ideas

So you’re looking for exciting gift ideas that will be a step beyond the ordinary. Maybe it’s to celebrate someone special’s birthday, anniversary or you just want a really stand-out graduation gift for your son or daughter. But maybe you’re struggling a little when it comes to inspiration?

With a unique experience gift from Tinggly, your hassles are over. Buy a unique gift card and the recipient can choose what they want to do - satisfaction is pretty much guaranteed. 

Experience gift cards are really coming into vogue - that’s because more and more people are realising that unique experiences are much more rewarding than a material item - the memories can last for the rest of someone’s life, and they’ll never be short of an interesting story to tell. And of course, it’s an antidote to the consumerism and mountains of ‘stuff’ that so many people are now choosing to reject.

How it works

Here’s how experience gifts work. First of all, you select which of the various unique gift boxes in the Tinggly collection to buy someone: there are plenty to choose from, including some tailored to couples, or for mums as a fab Mother’s Day gift. 

Next, pay securely online with just a few clicks of your mouse. Add a personal note to the recipient such as “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations on your anniversary”, add an address to send it to, and you’re done. With these unique experiences from Tinggly you can find, buy and send the ideal gift within the space of a couple of minutes.

No expiry dates

These gift cards come without an expiry date attached. That means, even if travel plans get pushed back, or the gift card gets lost at the back of a drawer for a few months (we know, it happens), it will still be perfectly valid.

Redeeming gift cards

Once the recipient has their gift card - which can be sent either by mail or by email if that’s more convenient - they then need to choose what to do. And they won’t be short of ideas. Here’s just a few they might find in a unique gift box from Tinggly:

  • Pizza and gelato-making lessons in Florence
  • A walking tour of the iconic Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg
  • A surf safari in the Canary Islands
  • Indoor skydiving lessons in Singapore
  • A desert 4x4 adventure and camel ride in Dubai
  • A full-day guided horseback tour in Ecuador

Unique experiences that are sustainable too

At Tinggly, we care about the environment just as much as you do. And we’re well aware that some of the unique experiences in our collection come with a significant carbon footprint attached. Which is why we’ve launched our Activist program, to make our business as sustainable as possible.