United Arab Emirates Experience Gifts

In the past century, the United Arab Emirates has changed dramatically. Now regarded as a hot-spot tourist destination, Tinggly has created a collection of United Arab Emirates gift boxes allowing someone you know to sample the luxurious delights of the Middle East.

From Abu Dhabi to Ras al Khaimah a Tinggly United Arab Emirates gift box is the perfect gift for travelers and explorers alike who want to leave the path most traveled and experience another side of life in another world. From futuristic architecture to sublime landscapes a Tinggly United Arab Emirates experience gift is the key to an Alladin’s Cave of discovery and adventure.
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An oasis of United Arab Emirates experiences

Barely one century ago the United Arable Emirates was little more than a land of barren deserts, tiny fishing villages, abandoned forts, and populated by a people famed for their hospitality. Today, much of that has changed - the hospitality remains - and tourists now flock to visit the treasures of this example of modern alchemy.

If you know someone who loves to travel, a wanderer, an explorer, or someone with the curiosity to seek out new lands and new cultures a Tinggly United Arab Emirates gift box is a gift like no other.

Comprising seven distinct Emirates, with Abu Dhabi and Dubai sharing the spotlight for most international visitors, there are a lot more spectacular experiences waiting to be uncovered throughout the entire Emirates.
A Tinggly United Arab Emirates experience gift box lifts the lid on the region and the adventures awaiting everyone who possesses a longing for travel.

You give the gift box and let the recipient choose the one experience which fits snuggly with their pre-arranged itinerary, or lets them center their entire stay based on their chosen Tinggly experience.

The full gamut of United Arab Emirates experiences ranges from adrenaline-pumping outdoor adventures to exploring cityscapes from a barely imagined future.

What are the best United Arab Emirates experiences?

It is somewhat unfortunate that most people never get to experience the Emirates. They never get to discover the diversity that exists, and they are rarely afforded the opportunity of meeting with such warm and hospitable people as the Emiratis.

Whether you choose Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or some luxurious and immaculately designed resort by the sea as the base for your United Arab Emirates experiences, adventure is never far away. The desert and the sea continuously beckons.

As a small sampler, here are just a few of the unforgettable Tinggly United Arab Emirates experience gifts to be found in a Tinggly gift box.

  • Experience sunrise over the desert near Dubai with a sensational hot-air balloon ride
  • Start your day with breakfast at Dubai’s super-luxurious Burj al Arab Hotel - one of the tallest man-made structures in the world
  • Take to the air with a helicopter flight over Dubai’s ever-transforming skyline
  • Jump on board a traditional Arab dhow sailing boat for a full-day cruise in the waters around Ras Al Khaimah
  • Go desert horseback riding - an experience like no other
  • Take a tour of the astonishing 828 meters high Burj Khalifa tower

From mountain biking to scuba diving, hiking to desert driving the United Arab Emirates is a land of adventure and discovery, and a Tinggly experience gift box is the key to open a world of great stories and unforgettable memories.

What’s more, all Tinggly United Arab Experience gifts are respectful to the planet and the environment.

  • From helicopter rides to scuba dives Tinggly will offset the experience’s CO2 footprint by a massive 200%
  • Plus, all Tinggly presentation gift boxes are produced from recycled materials using planet-friendly inks.

And ordering a Tinggly UAE experience gift box couldn’t be easier.

Go online, browse the selection of gift boxes, choose the gift box you want to give, place your order (don’t forget to include a personal message), choose your delivery method, either instantly worldwide with a Tinggly e-voucher, or by traditional delivery in a beautiful presentation gift box.

Even if the recipient can’t use their amazing gift today, all Tinggly gift boxes come with NO expiry date.