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If you know someone who’s always wanted to visit California, why not give them an excuse to find out more about Fresno? Experience gifts in Fresno are a fantastic way to see the state and the city from a unique perspective. Just think how overjoyed your friends will be when you give them a collection of fun and fabulous things to do. There is simply no better way to give stories, NOT stuff.
And another thing: as Tinggly’s gift experiences are free from expiry dates, your friends can decide when they want to travel as well as what they want to do when they arrive. There are 1000s of worldwide activities to choose from which can be delivered via email or in presentation boxes.
Isn’t it about time you joined the gift giving revolution?
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Find your Fresno experience collection

Tinggly experience gifts in Fresno are for anyone that loves to travel, try new things and who doesn’t want to add more plastic waste to our planet. There is so much more to presents than plastic stuff and here’s why…

Giving a friend, relative or work associate an opportunity to create lifelong memories says tonnes more about your emotional connection than getting them something they don’t really need.

Our experience gift cards put the recipient in the driving seat (sometimes literally!) by enabling them to decide what they’d like to do in addition to where they’d like to do it. It’s a super simple format and extremely easy to use.

Zero expiry dates on all experiences is another key feature of this unique gift idea. This isn’t a voucher that’s going to be left forgotten in a or wallet or stop working because a deadline date’s up.

So, if you can think of a friend that could do with a boost or someone in your family that’s got a birthday or anniversary on the horizon, why not give them an excuse to follow their dreams? You never know, they might even take you with them!

Find out more about Fresno experience gifts

All you do is select an experience gift collection from the Tinggly website that you think best suits the person you’re buying for. Top tip: Make your decision based around a country they’ve always wanted to visit or an activity that they’ve always talked about trying for the first time.

You can then purchase the gift card at Tinggly’s secure online store. You also get the chance to type a personal message as well as adding the address where you want the card to be delivered. Remember, experience gifts in Fresno, for example, can be sent to your address, your friend’s address or anywhere else in the world more appropriate. 

You can also send gift cards by email – talk about instant gift giving gratification!

Fab travel gift ideas

Once a gift card is delivered in the mail, by email or in person, your buddy can check out Tinggly’s interactive map of the world to see where they wanna go and what they wanna do. All that’s required after that is to contact Tinggly’s reservation team that’ll do everything else on their behalf. 

Told you it was easy!

From 5-star hotel breaks and sublime spa resorts to adrenaline-pumping action and insightful history tours, experience gifts in Fresno, and beyond, are the best fit for absolutely every occasion.

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