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Wine and Gourmet experiences

For friends and family who have an appreciation for the finer things in life, wine and gourmet gifts from Tinggly will be a surprise they’ll love. Gourmet gift cards can be exchanged against 100s of tempting experiences around the world, so satisfaction is guaranteed as the recipient chooses what they want to do.

These wine and gourmet gifts are so simple to organize and mean the pressure on you to come up with original gift ideas is entirely gone. Give stories, not stuff, with gourmet experiences - simple, satisfying, and sustainable too.
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The finest wine and gourmet gifts around the world

Gourmet gift cards and wine gift cards for friends and family

When you have friends and family that take pleasure in eating and drinking well, it’s usually pretty easy to think up a gift idea: a food hamper perhaps, a selection of craft beers, or a good bottle of champagne. But if you want something more original, more exciting, and more memorable, then a gourmet experience gift will whet their appetite.

Wine and gourmet gifts can take place all over the world, making them ideal for those that like to travel. Recipients could be looking forward to learning the history of whisky (plus a few drams of course) in Scotland, or guided wine tours in countries including France, Australia, the USA and Italy. They might be anticipating a lesson in how to cook an authentic tagine in Morocco, appreciating the farm-to-table ethos of Charleston cuisine, or enjoying a waffle-making workshop in Belgium. These gourmet gifts are an invitation to indulge.

How does a gourmet experience gift work?

New to gift cards? Not a problem. Finding someone a gift they’ll love will take just a couple of minutes, while the memories they’ll have after their experience will last a lifetime. 

Start by choosing which of the various gift boxes you’d like to buy according to the occasion or your budget. Pay securely online with just a few clicks of the mouse. Add a personal message, and the address, and you’re all done. It probably takes less time than it did to read these last few paragraphs.

Tinggly can send gourmet gift cards to recipients anywhere in the world, wrapped in a stylish presentation box. Or to you, if you’d rather hand it over in person. 

And, because you might have this in mind as a wine travel gift, for instance, and the recipient could be on the road already, wine and gourmet gifts can also of course be sent via email instead.

No expiry dates to worry about

Key to the whole thing - these gourmet gift cards have no expiry dates. That makes them perfect for friends and family who don’t have travel plans set in stone yet, or have trouble making up their minds. Gift cards are just as useful in a year’s time as they are tomorrow.

Once they’ve got their hands on their gift cards, recipients can choose from the many wine experiences and gourmet experiences open to them in over 100 countries around the world.

Wine and gourmet gift ideas might include:

  • An evening food and wine tour in Venice
  • A chocolate-making workshop in Belgium
  • A guided tour of Chiang Mai night market to taste local streetfood
  • A seafood crawl of Annapolis
  • Meeting dessert artisans in Manhattan
  • Tastings at three prestigious wineries on one day in the Sierra Nevada

Wine and gourmet gifts for foodie friends

Looking for unique wine gifts for friends that love a good vintage? These wine gift cards are just the thing to help them explore and develop their palates. A wine experience gift, or a gourmet experience gift for foodie friends and family, will make their eyes light up with delight. 

And by the way, these gift cards for foodies are sustainable too. 

With our Activist programme, we aim to continue producing some of the most eco-friendly gift ideas on the market.