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It’s no secret but Portugal is hot property when it comes to travel destinations. For travelers to Europe, there can be no greater gift than a Tinggly Portugal experience gift box - created to uncover adventures, discoveries, and amazing experiences in every corner of this surprisingly undiscovered little country. It can’t be overstated, Portugal has a lot to offer travel lovers. That’s why every Tinggly Portugal experience gift box contains a diverse collection of genuine Portuguese experiences. If you know someone visiting Europe, a Tinggly Portugal gift box - the ultimate in exclusive Portugal travel gifts - will have them returning to thank you again and again.
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The ultimate in Portugal gift cards - and then some

If you have a family member, friend, colleague, or client traveling to Europe, Portugal really needs to be on their itinerary. The best way to give someone the gift of the most amazing and unforgettable Portugal experience is with a Tinggly Portugal experience gift box.

You give the choice of hundreds of experiences and the recipient chooses the one experience that fits with their itinerary or their personal preferences.

The Tinggly Portugal gift box opens up the entire country for discovery; from the sun-splashed southern beaches of the Algarve, through the rolling cork oak forests of Alentejo, to the rich and diverse sights and tastes of Lisbon, north to the unspoiled beauty of Centro and all the way to the charming city of Porto and the Douro Valley, a Tinggly Portugal gift box is the key to the entire country.

Portugal is rich - filthy rich - when it comes to history, culture, gastronomy, and the production of the world’s best wines and ports. The country also has a monopoly on welcomes and friendship, something every visitor will see played in countless cities, towns, and villages across the country.

So what are the Tinggly Portugal experiences we want you to share with your friends?

Start by thinking of the Tinggly experience gift boxes as the ultimate compilation of Portugal travel gifts. They don’t take up space in a traveler’s luggage, they come with multiple choices, there is NO expiry date, and, like all tinggly gift ideas, they do no harm to the planet.

A Tinggly gift box contains hundreds of unique and hand-selected experiences, activities, and discoveries (from gourmet dining, VIP cultural tours, thrilling parachute and bungee jump to relaxing spa treatments and self-development courses).

The giver chooses the gift they want to give, they order online, include a personal message, and send their unique Portugal gift box instantly worldwide via a Tinggly e-voucher, or by traditional post in a beautifully designed presentation gift box. It’s as simple as that

What’s not to love?

Portugal gift ideas that will stay with them forever

Portugal is simply amazing. Whatever you love, Portugal has it, and a Tinggly Portugal travel gift box also has it, and lots of it.

Here’s a small sample of what the recipient might find in their super Portugal experiences gift box:
  • Experience Portugal’s most beautiful wine-producing region, the Douro Valley
  • Learn how to Kitesurf with a friend from the sunny beaches of the Algarve
  • Take a helicopter ride over Portugal’s northern treasure, the city of Porto
  • Try a thrilling tandem parachute jump in spectacular Leiria
  • Hit the ocean for a boat trip to the fortified island of Berlengas
  • Discover the wines of Portugal with a VIP private wine excursion in Lisbon
  • Tour the stunning island of Madeira by motorcycle sidecar
  • Learn the secrets of Portuguese gastronomy on a traditional Portuguese cookery course
  • Experience the marvels of Sintra, with incredible castles, history, and folklore tour
  • Take a friend and go bird, whale, and dolphin watching in stunning Madeira

Plus, whether you take a dinner cruise on the Tagus river or a helicopter flight over Porto, all Tinggly experience gifts are kind to the planet.

Tinggly will offset any carbon emissions or footprint by a massive 200%, and lastly, all Tinggly gift boxes and packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable, and are produced using planet-friendly inks.

Plus, with NO expiry date, a Tinggly Portugal experience gift box is not just a gift for now, but a gift for the future.